Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Which Lutron Dimmer is best for a living room

Lutron Dimmers are manufactured by Lutron Electronics Company. This company was founded in 1961 and was the inspiration of Joel and Ruth Spira. They provided devices to replace the previously bulky and unattractive rheostats and autotransformers.
This day the company is still dedicated to controlling lights but many new products and innovations are now present. Lutron is located in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. Lutron offers solutions for residences and commercial buildings with distribution centers targeting North America, South America, The Caribbean and Asia.
Lutron provides energy saving solutions and has experienced average growth of 20% each year.

Saving Money with Lutron Dimmers:
Controlling the lighting of your home means that you also control the amount of electricity you consume.
Lutron dimmers come in several colors with even glow in the dark models available.

Why does it make sense to use dimmers?
Do you always need 100% of the lighting capacity of your fixtures?
How much electricity can you save if you use say, 60% of the intensity? Are there times where the mood requires a more subtle lighting? Of course that happens.
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